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In the business since 1982, Brilliant Marble Polishing Inc. takes pride in the fact that our name brings quality and satisfaction to mind–which is exactly the goal we set for ourselves when we began. Ours is not a name, anymore, it is a guarantee after these 33 years.
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Our trained and experienced staff has the skill and proficiency to take care of every minor detail which is what makes all the difference at the end of the day and set us apart from others making us one of the top companies in the stone industry. Moreover, we are not only licensed but also insured and carry worker’s compensation.

Brilliant Marble Polishing Inc. has a very high standard for our service which is of course what our clients deserve. We think of marble polishing as an art and our personnel and technicians are dedicated to the perfection of that art. We understand that it is our technicians who provide the high quality of services you love so we have some of the best people working for us, who are both skilled and experienced.

It is due to our constant effort at providing our customers with the most reliable, concerted and outstanding service that people entrust us with their natural stone floor and we always live up to their expectations with our service.

Our company has achieved enormous growth and progress in the past years, partly due to the market opportunities and partly due to our pleased customer base. After thousands of floor services, we remain true to our promise of providing excellent polishing. Our positive attitude where we note and check even minor details and results and our punctual staff which works according to the schedule is what makes us a favorite of our customers. All this is proven by one simple fact: we have been in business and thriving for 33 years now!

36 Years of Marble Excellence